Synthesizer meets Didgeridoo - Ausgewählte Songs von meiner CD Didgebits

Didgeridoo & Moog Synthesizer "Father & Son"

My utmost gratitude to Djalu and his son, Larry. Their discussion about the yidaki is the heartbeat and soul of this track. Yolngu speech is music in itself.
Instruments: a huge A yidaki, Minimoog (bassline... of course :), Yamaha SY99 (pad sounds), Emulator 3 (pad sound), ZOOM 16 channel 

Didgeridoo & Fairlight 3 "Slipstream"

Instruments: Ngongu Ganambarr yidaki, Fairlight Series 3 (percussion), Spectrasonics samples on the Fairlight 3 (choir,voices, african sounds), Roland TR 808 (kick, hihat), Quantec Reverb (Taj Mahal... 48 seconds reverb... yeeehaaa :), D&R 32 channel mixing console, mastering on Tubemaster and BASE stereo enhancer.

Didgeridoo & Moog Synthesizer "Carpenter"

This track was inspired by the earlier movie soundtracks of John Carpenter.

Instruments: Badikupa Gurruwiwi yidaki, Moog Liberation (autotriggered plus handplayed bass/ melody and "birdy" sound), Emulator 3 kbd., Yamaha RY 30, Zoom 16- channel- workstation

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Didgeridoo & Moog Synthesizer "Bonez"

I loved to play in clubs with my DISRUPTOR band. "Bonez" may be my best clubtrack.

Instruments: didjeribone, Minimoog (several sounds), Moog Liberation ("wow" melody sound), Yamaha SY 99, Yamaha RY 30, Zoom 16- channel- workstation

Didgeridoo & Moog Synthesizer "Mysticbirds"

Instruments: Djalu E yidaki, Moog Liberation (autotriggered and handplayed solo), Yamaha SY 99, Emulator 3 kbd., Yamaha RY 30, Zoom 16- track- workstation

Didgeridoo & MPC "Geton"

Instruments: aluminium slide didgeridoo, Akai MPC 60 II, Korg Z1, EMU Procussion, Roland TR 909 (kick), D&R 32- channel- console, mastered through the Tubemaster and BASE stereo enhancer